Learn about that all important subject: yourself! Through shapes and basic forms drawing can be

a fantastic way to develop a better appreciation of what lies beneath the skin.


“Draw to Learn – Learn to Draw” is my own personal motto. How does one expand their visual

vocabulary? Proper instruction is part of the equation, and will make a big impact on your development.

Toiling alone without proper guidence can be frustrating, and tine consuming.  As humans we

have a marvelous ability to learn in a linear fashion, there is no need to rediscover the lessons learned

by the old masters. We can be shown through expert guidance, as well as close observation of nature.

Add to this equation friends working together and Viola! A recipe for success. 


I have been teaching Anatomy for over twenty years and if anything learned to go slower and

to make things simpler. This way the subject matter opens up for all age and experience levels.


This three part workshop focuses on:

  • Bones and Terminology.
  • Basic muscles and their functionality
  • Drawing from a live model seeing how much more confidence we have attained.


The workshop is open to no more than 20 participants and will occur weekly.


Supplies Needed:

  • A-4 sketch pad.
  • graphite pencil and eraser
  • ball point pen
  • box of colored pencils.