To be a lucky man is a wonderful thing to realize . I am constantly reminded of this. As I move into my sixtieth year I feel very fortunate that my father shared his love for the fine arts with his whole family. My dad introduced me to my future artistic mentors, both in the fine arts and in the animation industry. Lorser Feitelson, Harry Carmean, Glen Vilppu, and Ivan Earl were all extremely influential. This exposure created the desire to both travel, learn and earn a living in the arts.

My education is ongoing. Teaching at two very fine institutions for twenty some odd years has honed my skills as a draftsman and lecturer of human anatomy. Drawing the human figure and anatomy go hand in hand once one has an understanding of basic drawing principals- but there are no hard fast rules. The will and desire of an artist is the center axiom to all the directions possible to explore.

My love and participation in Dance, Music and Poetry has been a huge part in my artistic journey. Each of these disciplines has informed my creative sensibilities. The performing arts certainly gave me the confidence to draw large and live in front of audiences.

I love the study of life as it unfolds. Movement, rhythm, line, dark and light-all these elements provide the material I weave into my drawings.