In regards to drawing hands, know more them.

It is good to begin to acquaint your self with the skeletal structure.

Start with the lower arm bones, the radius and the ulna this will give you

a foundation for the all important wrist bones, the carpals that transition the lower arm into the hand bones or the, meta carpals. then we must become familiar with the phalanges. Study how the joints of each above mentioned area articulate. As well we must gain knowledge of the range of motions these joints are capable of.

This is one piece of the sequence that will assist in drawing hands well.

All the best,

Auguste Haboush   April 5th 2017

Here is another area to study; Tendons and Muscles.

Since the hand has so many areas of boney joints close to the surface

we will become aware of many tendons and veins that are present on the back hand. In the palm and on the  side of the hand some large muscle masses are very prominent. Check out these for starters: Thenar, Hypothenar and Interosseous groups, especially the first interosseous which introduces an ovoid mound between the thumb and index fingers.  Lets not get too much going on the first day as we can only absorb so much at a time.

Good drawing,

Auguste Haboush  April 5th 2017